About Seapath

Aerial photograph of a large American cargo ship with shipping containers of exported goods sailing at sea
Who We Are

We are dedicated to sustainably advancing America’s maritime infrastructure through innovative maritime solutions.

Seapath provides maritime asset financing, project financing, and financing services for maritime commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects.

Through trusted partnerships with the public and the private sectors we are investing in critical maritime infrastructure to drive America’s economic resilience and prosperity.

We are a proud subsidiary of Libra Group, a privately owned U.S. headquartered business group with decades of maritime heritage.

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Large American maritime cargo ship entering into a bulk port

The U.S. maritime industry has become one of the most challenging markets in the world despite its importance.

The maritime infrastructure sector has to navigate regulatory parameters, high costs, and the need for sustainable solutions. However, that presents an opportunity for growth through innovation, collaboration, and trust.

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Leverage our group’s strong maritime roots to identify new industry solutions.


Work with stakeholders including the public and private sector and local communities.


Apply ingenuity and discipline to unlock value and drive project results.


Strengthen the U.S economy and its industrial competitiveness.